Real-Time Resident Feedback You Can Act On

ResidentRated offers you a choice between event-based and/or comprehensive surveys (view Survey Packages):

Event-Based Surveys

Event-based surveys help you and your team efficiently capture any real-time issues among your residents – and act A.S.A.P. These event-based surveys are continuous and measure satisfaction among residents in the following categories:

  • Move-ins

  • Maintenance requests

  • Renewals

  • Move-outs

Comprehensive Survey

The ResidentRated comprehensive survey offers a broad snapshot of your resident's satisfaction across a host of measures. (Note: Comprehensive Surveys can be sent two or three times a year, if desired, for no additional charge.) The survey, which is administered to all residents, covers each of these topics in detail:

  • Overall satisfaction

  • Likelihood to recommend

  • In-unit features

  • Building features

  • Building services

  • Overall upkeep

  • Staff responsiveness & service

  • Safety

  • Lifestyle needs


Beginning with the second year, you will receive free trending comparisons within your properties, and also local benchmarking. An award program, which you can use in marketing your building, is offered at no charge to properties with overall resident satisfaction of 80% or higher.


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