How ResidentRated Works: Unlocking Insights into Resident Satisfaction

You don’t have a lot of spare time in your day!

So when it comes to measuring resident satisfaction, you want a program you can trust, that is easy to use and helps you quickly get insights about the most efficient way to satisfy residents and improve retention. That’s ResidentRated!

An easy-to-use three-step process

What makes ResidentRated so easy to use is its simple, three-step process. Plus, we offer lots of settings where you can further automate the program, letting us do the work for you. Here is the process:

Step 1: Upload Resident Information

We'll give you instructions to make the uploads easy (or we'll do it for you).

Updating resident information is simple.

Step 2: Review a Monthly List of Survey Status

We'll email you a list of surveys that will be sent. You can make changes if necessary.

The only survey you will initiate is the maintenance survey, and that's easy to do.

Step 3: Access Real-time Results

Easily sort for the data you need.

Results are updated in real time.

Easy to customize, too

We handle a range of details for you. Need some people to get mail surveys and others to get email surveys? No problem. Want to customize survey questions? Easy. Want to stop a survey from going to a certain resident? Also easy. Want us to survey the guardian of a memory care resident? Of course.

What makes ResidentRated different from other resident satisfaction programs is its ease of use. But you’ll still get the data and details you need to make sound management decisions! On time.

A quick guide on how ResidentRated works