A Passionate Belief in the Value of Satisfied Customers

The core motivation behind ResidentRated is our passionate belief in the value of satisfied customers.

Satisfied customers are the core of any business’ success

The benefits are many: Surveying resident satisfaction on a periodic basis has helped properties monitor the effectiveness of their staff and decide on the most efficient use of resources for building improvement.  

Surveyed residents are more likely to think management cares, and to extend leases.


ResidentRated is a national resident satisfaction survey program, offering both annual and event-based surveys of residents of multi-family housing and senior housing properties.

ResidentRated is part of the nation’s largest independent satisfaction research company

We are a sister company of Five Star Professional, the nation’s largest independent research company that rates the satisfaction of customers of wealth managers, investment professionals, real estate agents, mortgage professionals and home and auto agents. Five Star Professional has been in business since 2001, and their success is due to a shared passion for the value of customer satisfaction.

We use proprietary, state of-the-art technology

We have developed the most current technology to make the surveying process easy to manage. Our technology also makes it easy to access reports and recommendations. We simplify the management of resident lists, working with families (particularly in senior living), accessing interactive dashboards and tapping into real-time results.

Our foundational belief in customer satisfaction extends to our own customers of ResidentRated. We’re passionate about providing excellent customer service to our building owners and managers.