Ease of Use & Value Are Our Competitive Advantage

No other resident satisfaction survey program offers the range of services and features that we offer: ease of use, affordable pricing, event-based & annual surveys, customized questions, local benchmarking, award programs, and flexible survey deployment dates. All for a competitive price and great value.

Some details on our competitive advantages:

Easy, Real-Time Access

Our program is easy to start up and easy to use. It’s easy to enter resident data or we can connect with your CRM. As surveys are completed, it’s easy to access dashboards and reports, so that you can know what is happening in real-time, 24/7.

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing is highly competitive, with these extras included in the base price:

  • There is no set-up fee or minimum fee.

  • We don’t charge extra for multiple comprehensive surveys. You can deploy them as many times as you want.

  • We don’t charge extra for trend analysis.

  • We don’t charge extra for benchmarking.

  • We don’t charge extra for our award program.

  • We don’t charge for providing you with resident testimonials.

With ResidentRated, there is no up-charging, no minimum charge and no one-time set up fee.

Flexible Survey Methods

Some companies only do email surveys. We offer email, mail or phone surveys, depending on your needs. Contact Us with questions.

Flexible Timeframe

Your schedule is our schedule.

We implement to your time frame. For example, you can pick the date (or dates) to do your all-resident annual survey.

Customized Questions

In your annual survey, you can add customized questions that address issues particular to each property. Or, if you want, we’ll customize the entire survey.

Just the Right Amount of Detail

Some competitors don’t seek enough detail in their surveys, making it difficult to uncover actionable responses. Others ask too many questions and give you so much detail you may not know where to begin. We strike a happy medium, with just enough detail to give you actionable information, but not too much to overwhelm you or the survey takers. 

Testimonials, Too!

Our survey process secures resident permission (if they want) for you to use their testimonials in advertising and promotion.