Multi-Family Housing — Packages

ResidentRated’s mission is to provide satisfaction surveys that are easy to implement, affordable, customizable, and flexible for you and your building’s needs. You are not “up-charged” for additional services. All packages include trending, benchmarking, resident testimonials and our award program.  

The chart below lists our satisfaction survey packages and what’s included. Because the pricing is customized by both the package selected and number of buildings, please contact us for pricing.


ResidentRated Packages: Multi-Family Housing - Satisfaction Surveys

Package OneComprehensive Survey Package TwoComprehensive ANDEvent-Based Surveys
Comprehensive Survey
(sent as many times a year as you want)
Move-in Survey
Move-out Survey
Renewal Survey
Maintenance Survey
Customized Questions
Services Included
Real-Time Online Access
24/7 to Dashboards
Flexible Drop Dates
Trending Data (2nd Year)
Benchmarks (2nd Year)
Resident Testimonials